Meeting Your Online Date

I travel to Asia three to four times per year and have a real love for Asian women. The problem I have is trying to meet a good girl on a short, three-week vacation. I have tried, but it is virtually impossible.

So, I decided to try the next best thing. I signed up for an Asian online dating service. This is one of the places you can go to and meet girls online. You create a profile, upload your picture, log in and establish contact.

I used one for about one year and found plenty of pretty, young ladies to chat with. But, I never found one that I clicked with. There were plenty of girls vying for my affection and looking for marriage and way out of their current life.

I also ran into quite a few that were just there trying to scam money, offering private chats for a fee, and some that were truly sincere. At times, it was difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff.

The other problem I had with this site was that most of the girls were from the Philippines and my favorite country was Thailand. I have nothing against Filipinas, but my personal preference is Thai girls.

So, with very little searching, I found a site that catered to foreign men and Thai women. I paid for one year’s service and within a week I found the lady that won my heart. She was young, educated, sweet, and honest. We hit it off immediately.

Contact was continued with daily chatting, email, and sending photos to each other. We also started talking on the phone. The calls were short but very regular. Fortunately she speaks some English and I speak some Thai. So, we manage to communicate.

I had a vacation planned for last December with a buddy of mine to go to Thailand and decided I would forego the trip with him and head to northeastern Thailand to see her.

My plan was to give it a week and see what happens and if it didnt work out, I would still have two weeks to go elsewhere in Thailand for a vacation.

I spent one night in Bangkok, and met her in Khon Kaen the next day. She met me at the airport and drove me to the hotel. We nervously exchanged words, did some shopping and went out to eat. She had already arranged for a hotel for me and helped me unpack my belongings.

Surprisingly, she stayed with me overnight. This is highly uncharacteristic of a Thai woman. Granted, she slept as far away as she could and was fully clothed, it was a show of trust.

Over the week, we got to know each other more, visited temples, went out with family, and did some sightseeing. She was very easy to please and did everything in her power to make me happy.

We wound up spending the entire three weeks together and have fallen in love with each other. On my next trip, we will be looking for a house to buy and make plans for our wedding later on in the year.

We still keep in daily contact and we are both counting down the days until we are back together. Meeting her in person was the key to the relationship. There is only so much that can be done on the Internet. Face to face is required.

Finding love online is definitely possible.

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